Our Mission

Dear Visitors

Welcome to the website of the first-ever think tank that systematically addresses cultural policy, critical thinking in the field of culture, education and human rights, and cultivation of social and cultural patterns of conduct. The Institute for Cultural Policy is a part of the Via Cultura NGO.

We conclude that Slovakia lacks critical thinking.

We engage in seeking new ways to grasp the importance of culture and education.

We make place for cultivating and promoting the good old manners.

We aim at the 3 C’s

Culture, criticism and cultivating.

The Institute for Cultural policy (ICP) develops progressive systematic solutions for the new cultural policy of the Slovak Republic by fostering critical thinking, cultivating manners in Slovakia, in cooperation with foreign institutions.

ICP is the first non-governmental initiative that critically analyses the current state of cultural and educational policy of the Slovak Republic, as well as the activities of governmental and independent cultural organisations and initiatives in the Slovak Republic.

ICP overcomes systematic and value isolation of Slovakia among culturally developed countries of the EU and the world. The ICP evaluates the experience and theoretical analyses and offers progressive solutions in favour of the development in culture, education and human rights.