Copyright – our headache

We are looking at the current Act. 618/2003 Coll. concerning copyright and rights related to copyright (the Copyright Act), as amended (the „Copyright Act“) of the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopted in December 2003, effective from 1 1. 2004, valid and effective eleventh year. Overall, for this time the Copyright Act amended six times. While we can state (with the exception of two extensive amendments) that all the amendments to exhibit a common characteristic feature – changes are partial in nature and lacking a conceptual and systematic approach. Given the fact that it is a significant piece of legislation with an impact on many private legal relations, as well as the rapid progress of relevant social and technological change in relation to new ways of creating and use of copyright works, consider this way of approaching the legislature as not appropriate. Many submissions in the legislative discussion suggest that the legal codification work will probably not be easy. It thus remains to hope that the new copyright act will as far as possible reflect the realities of the digital era and the associated forms of creation and use of copyrighted works.

Martin Konvit