Beginning this summer 2019 could not be hotter. As regards weather, politically and culturally.
Thirty on the thermometer, in shade. The new President and the start of the campaign for the parliamentary elections in March 2020 and protests in front of Ministry of Culture . Howw will our culture will mediate these extraordinary experiences today and tomorrow?

They affect our holiday lounging and search of cultural experiences, whether passively lying in the books that we piled on the bedside table since Christmas, or directly to the well-being and other summer festivals? What we will remember from a barbecue with family or friends?
We in GDP, we are still in the rainy season preparing for these times and we’ve put together for you the summer issue of the Cultural Oxygen – and we asked the question – What is the place of entertainment in our culture today?
We tried to study the ancient laments over the decline of culture and take lessons from them. We realized struggled with the answers to the two questions in the light of Russia and its problems as ours.
1. moralistic-messianic answers
2. What does culture serve? – that culture as a maid with the replies of the 19th century and the old chests of our national romanticism. Even after 30 years of freedom we have education of the population by culture, but which fortunately always in our Central European hypocrisy and eventually ends up in great fun, laughter and mockery. It is difficult to govern people who understand irony, black humor or satire.
Therefore, we tried to put together the most famous one-liners from history that are part of our national culture. Perhaps you will be entertained, laugh, and so let us contribute to your summer cool and health.
Let us not forget, laughter relieves muscle tension, it removes bad mood and opens horizons!