MemoGym: Strengthening the European Memory

An educational project to strengthen historical memory in the spirit of European values, focusing in particular on the attractiveness of the way of communication with young audiences. An interactive exhibition of life-size puppets, representing six Slovak personalities who, by their lifelong attitude and work, have preserved and cultivated democratic European values ​​and orientation of (Czecho)slovakia towards advanced democratic European states.

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Cultural Policy Handbook – Part 2. Accessibility of and participation in culture

The degree of accessibility of culture and involvement of culture’s consumers in the Slovakia’s cultural supply
(We search for the target group for the Slovak culture)

● Are Slovaks interested in culture?
● Do we offer what they want?
● Do we know exactly what they need?

Read our new Handbook, whete the ICP asks these questions and looks for the answers.

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Despite open borders and reduced language barriers, the Slovak culture remains isolated and unrecognised in the European area. The project is an attempt to specify cooperation with more successful partners. The project is focused on the essential conditions for promotion of personalities and cultural fields in the European cultural area.

Knižnice ako komunitné centrá

Eleven thousand librarians and a large number of libraries in every Slovak town is still untapped potential allowing us to stop the negative trends in young generation’s literacy benchmarking. A model transformation of selected libraries into modern centres of education, information dissemination and community life is one of the ways that have been successful in our neighboring countries, such as Poland.

Kvalita verzus kvantita v našej kultúre

Research and analysis of three economically underdeveloped regions of Slovakia in terms of cultural supply and demand. We are based on the assumption that one of the conditions of economic development of the region is the quality and availability of culture in the broadest sense.

Projekt Three Keywords

Culture, criticism and cultivation are the three words this project is built on.

Modern systems of cultural management, fostering critical thinking by creating a space in the form of an Internet magazine, and cultivation of social and cultural patterns of conduct through discussions, seminars and publications.