The Pink Elephant

Although we, Slovaks, are quite reasonable creatures, our tradition commands us to remain essentially incorrigible. And so we go neither forward nor backward, we prefer the autonomy of stillstand, just like greatest metal-sheet Slovak at the foothill in the Terchovská Valley. We are incorrigible also in relation to the money Europeans pour on us in good faith, naively expecting we will use it to enhance our culture and cultural manners. Little do they know that our Slavic Mother has raised us to be good at the Potemkinian management. And so having produced our famous Slovakiana that still keeps failing to achieve the European quality, a kind of a creative centre is planned where creations will be will be created, as we say. There is no more time to come up with anything else, and the money must be spent as soon as possible – because otherwise there would be none, and so no back passes, small or big, for God’s sake! We will prefer to look stupid – we are accustomed to that – than to return the full amount with disgrace. And where will the new Creative Centre be? At the Kunsthalle, of course, for it is of no use to us anyway, id does not even showcase any traditional culture.
What a coincidence, here comes our Best Minister of Culture again, who is again not responsible for anything. On the contrary, he made his best, be it those tens of millions for digitisation, or those additional tens of millions for creative industries. Those many strategies he initiated! However, they were always some enemies of the cohesion just trying to trip him up.

And so everything was managed through the same unproven companies again, the calls were announced late, and again all will be made barely in time. If ever… The whole thing will look and taste like the famous tale cake from the fairy tale about the dog and the cat, putting everything in it. Thank God, no one cares about culture, so there will be nobody to complain on city squares. And there is nothing else that works on our best minister.