The Pink Elephant

We have already entered the sixth five-year plan, which was not planned for us by the Communist Party. Although we had a style of governance here that was at least somewhat reminiscent of the glory of the days before November 1989For twelve years – with a break, fortunately, today, censorship and the imposition of taste are fundamentally thinned by democratic elections. Instead of the party’s leading role and the central position of the Ministry of Culture, governance in this sector has gradually shifted to local governments. There is a small problem in the regions that there is a lack of people educated not only to manage culture, but to culture in general. And so with decentralization came calls for the return of the old order, let Bratislava not just be in the corner of the country and let it take care, or calls for the complete abolition of the Ministry of Culture. Maybe because no one has starred there to this day. Many members of the cultural community are nostalgic about the supposedly best minister of culture. Probably because he generously supported everyone – and so he won the favour, of everyone. But what a Slovak culturalist would not expect – the outgoing minister outdid him. It was not the members of the cultural community to say it, they are mostly laughing The new minister patted her shoulder herself. She compensated for the continued lack of interest in the development of cultural institutions by supporting folklore, because something like that worked for Hlinka People’s Party followers and the communists. She also toured Slovakia, we acknowledge at ICP that she even overcame the reluctance to otherness and dared to enter the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce. We didn’t expect anything from the outgoing minister, so we’re not disappointed either. Perhaps it would be appropriate to consider that adepts to the post of Minister of Culture should take an entrance screening test, or have at least some overview of culture. Just a few questions, for example, what did Timrava write, what animal did Vilikovský put upstairs, what is the name of the gallery in Liptovský Mikuláš, what poem was written by Štúr, who wrote Who Burns for the Truth, what is deacidification, etc. – and we’d know right away what we’re up to. Or, let’s just merge the Ministry of Culture with the more popular sport. After all, everyone must acknowledge that Sagan, Šatan or Vlhová are way more than some Matej Bel.