Moralists, bustling mothers, children with their exacting demands, shop assistants in crowded stores are increasingly critical of the way in which we are getting prepared for and how we intend to spend the festivity around the fact that the Sun is coming back to our hemisphere. Pop singers and authors of their songs, priests of all religions, folk music and costumed little children, celebrities of all kinds, folk craftsmen, cookie decorators, authors of Christmas tales and videos, advertising craftsmen, they all have a full agenda and financial surge since the end of October. Artists, unable to take advantage of this economic boom, stand aside. For example, writers. Unless their creations are placed under Christmas trees, they have bad luck. There is no use in considering them the most important “starters” of new ideas and visions and a cultural backbone of the nation. What if they used the impending dark night of reflection concepts, how we could incorporate elements of modern culture, almost modern concept of spirituality and incorporate them into our folk customs.

Magda Vášáryová